Mobilizing People for Change: Introduction to Adaptive Leadership

This module introduces the concept of Adaptive Leadership in addressing complex and persistent challenges. Oftentimes, leaders are faced with recurring problems that can’t seem to be solved. This module provides the perspective that any problem or challenge can take on a technical or adaptive nature and must therefore require the appropriate response to be solved or addressed effectively. It aims to equip learners on basic adaptive leadership skills to identify adaptive challenges and apply adaptive response using an adaptive leadership toolkit. The content of this module is adapted from the leadership model by Robert Heifetz, Marty Linsky and Alexander Grashow.


  1. Identify the differences between technical and adaptive challenges;
  2. Discuss how to recognize adaptive challenges and address them appropriately;
  3. Implement an action plan to address identified adaptive challenges in their work;
  4. Reflect on the importance of adaptive leadership in their BL practice.


  • ZFF Staff


The course will take 4 hours to 1 week to complete depending on your pace.

Mobilizing People for Change: Introduction to Adaptive Leadership
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