Solving Complex Problems Through Systems Thinking

This three-week workshop will use the Systems Thinking approach as a means of solving complex problems, particularly in the area of local health systems.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Week 1 sets the tone by introducing the context in which we will apply the concepts that we will be learning. It looks into health realities in the Philippines as the complex challenges in which we work. It also gives a review of the Bridging Leadership framework and highlights systems thinking as a critical BL competency.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Week 2 revisits the Iceberg Model and leads you into a guided process of analysis by “going down” the iceberg – you will be analyzing events, patterns, structures, and mental models.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Week 3 takes you into a journey “up” the iceberg to create your desired reality. You will envision your desired mental models, structures, patterns and events.

At the end of each week, you will be asked to participate in a forum to share your insights, questions, and reflections. The forum is intended to have constructive, intellectual exchanges among the participants. Everyone is enjoined to post, react or respond with a related idea.


  1. Explain the importance of practicing systems thinking as a bridging leader;
  2. Utilize the Iceberg Model as a framework to guide oneโ€™s practice of systems thinking;
  3. Illustrate the behavior of recurring problems and the structures that govern them;
  4. Recognize mental models that govern oneโ€™s perceptions and decisions;
  5. Create sustainable solutions that go beyond addressing singular causes;
  6. Apply systems thinking tools and processes to real workplace and societal issues.


  • ZFF Staff


3 Weeks

Solving Complex Problems Through
Systems Thinking