Module 2: Mobilizing Sectors for Better Nutrition Outcomes

Improvements in F1KD nutrition services needs an understanding about the roles of people in the whole nutrition system. This is where collaborative action of different stakeholders becomes highly important. 

In order to tackle the complex challenge that is F1KD system, implementation partners – including external or non-health and non-nutrition sectors, are needed to bring about change. 

This module introduces the importance of a collaborative response of various stakeholders towards the goal of improving nutrition outcomes in the F1KD system.


At the end of Module 2, learners should be able to: 

  1. Recognize the importance of stakeholders engagement in addressing F1KD nutrition challenges
  2. Analyze existing & potential stakeholders to engage in addressing health inequities given a sample scenario 
  3. Identify activities in mobilizing sectors for better nutrition outcomes


In this module, learners will work on their stakeholder analysis and how this can be used in engaging further their identified stakeholders in intersectoral actions.

Target Participants

  • Local Chief Executives (Mayors)
  • Nutrition Managers 
  • Health Managers (Municipal Health Officers)
  • Health/Nutrition Officers 
  • Health professionals 
  • Graduate students 
  • Interested individuals

Course Requirements and Completion

Module 2 is designed to facilitate the understanding of learners on the importance of intersectoral collaboration in improving their F1KD services. In order to maximize their learning experience and receive certificate towards the end of the module, it is required for learners to: 

  1. Dedicate a minimum of 2 hours of study time 
  2. Answer all required activities and learning assessment 
  3. Answer all module evaluation questions
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