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BL for Minimum Initial Service Package for Sexual & Reproductive Health

BRIDGING LEADERSHIP FOR MINIMUM INITIAL SERVICE PACKAGE FOR SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH The course aims to increase access to the MISP for SRH services at the service level provision and facility-level data by strengthening the competencies of local leaders to implement life-saving sexual and reproductive health information and services during disasters and emergencies. This project […]

From action to results: Multi-sectoral technical assistance for nutrition in the Philippines

The purpose of this TAN project country brief is to illustrate the importance of impactful technical assistance for achieving better nutrition outcomes. It draws on multiple sources of information, including technical assistance reports, surveys, government documents, and external assessments. This brief highlights how Nutrition International’s technical assistance has contributed to reinvigorating the nutrition agenda in […]

Scaling Up Nutrition Movement Strategy 2021-2025

Following wide consultation across the Scaling up Nutrition (SUN) Movement, a new Strategy was agreed by the SUN Movement Lead Group at their annual meeting, held 7 December 2020. This document provides a brief oversight to complement the comprehensive Strategy document and its annexes.

Addressing undernutrition in the Philippines, investing in the health of Filipino children

Undernutrition in the Philippines: Scale, Scope, and Opportunities for Nutrition Policy and Programming

This World Bank report presents a comprehensive analysis of undernutrition in the Philippines. It describes high rates of undernutrition among Filipino children and provides evidence of why it is critical for the government of the Philippines to prioritize tackling this persistent challenge. The report assesses the determinants and causes of childhood undernutrition and reviews current […]

Video: KGJF-Nutrition System for First 1,000 Days

While nutrition programs abound, a lack of cohesive planning and implementation has prevented a more rapid elimination of malnutrition among Filipino children. See how Zuellig Family Foundation’s pilot nutrition program, in partnership with Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Foundation, accelerated the decline in stunting and wasting in a rural town. The program helped health and nutrition leaders […]

IMPLEMENTATION INSIGHTS: Addressing Maternal Nutrition to Reduce Child Stunting

This document was developed mainly from the learning from the ZFF’s City Nutrition Governance Program (CNGP), in partnership with Nutrition International (NI), which ran from 2019 to 2021.

Food Insecurity and Nutrition in the Pandemic

This is IEC material is based on the report of the Rapid Nutrition Assessment Survey (RNAS) conducted by the Food and Nutrition Research.

Executive Order No. 138 – Full Devolution of Certain Functions of the Executive Branch to Local Governments, Creation of a Committee on Devolution, and for other purposes

This order shall cover all LGUs, departments, agencies, and instrumentalities of the executive branch whose functions are in line with the devolved functions of the LGUs under Section 17 of RA No. 7160 and other existing laws which subsequently devolved functions of the NG to LGUs.