Module 1: health inequities and the Bridging Leadership Framework

Module 1 helps learners understand that the persistence of health inequities makes public health work a complex challenge.

The use of the Bridging Leadership framework as a leadership approach in complex situations will be introduced in Module 1 and how this is integrated in the work of ZFF and its health change model.


Module 2: Bridging Leadership and Ownership

In Module 2, learners will understand that a BL leader owns the problem. This is where Bridging Leadership and Ownership will be introduced. There are two parts to this module.

Part 1 will help learners reflect on the role of values and purpose in being a leader. Part 2 will teach learners how to apply systems thinking to understand their persistent health system problems.


Module 3: Bridging Leadership and Co-Ownership: Engaging Stakeholders

Module 3, will help learners realize that they need other team members, stakeholders, and the community to co-own their current health system problem. Module 3 is about engaging stakeholders.

This module introduces the importance of a collaborative response from various stakeholders and how to develop a shared vision and purpose toward the goal of improving their current health situation and implementation of health programs.


Module 4: Bridging Leadership and Co-Creation(Human-centered design for innovations)

Module 4 is about Bridging Leadership and Co-Creation. In this module, will understand how to design innovations for health systems improvement, and realize that they need to co-create innovations with their stakeholders and community in mind.

This module emphasizes practicing a human-centered approach to innovations that elevates the role of people or communities as partners in the envisioned change.